Sunsets on Empire
1997 North American Tour

Me and Fish
before the show.
Pittsburgh, PA - July 18, 1997
On the first night of the 1997 North American Tour, Fish took time to meet his American fans. He answered questions, signed autographs, and played a great show.
Toronto, Canada - July 30, 1997
It has been 12 days since we saw the Pittsburgh show. The Guvernment is an awesome club but the stage is too high.
Quebec City, Canada - July 31, 1997
It was a 9 hour drive from Toronto to Quebec, but it was worth it.
Montreal, Canada - August 3, 1997
Now this was a concert! Fish at his best in a city that appreciated his return.
Buffalo, NY - August 7, 1997
the photos are up but not totally organized. I will have more text descriptions soon.

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