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Lifestyle Distribution, a CarbSmart company coming soon

Not Feeding a Fad But Supporting Your Customers' Healthy Lifestyle.

Sugar Free Products
Whether you call it sugar free, low carb, or diabetic friendly, your customers are coming into your store looking for great tasting foods. Over the last couple of years, the major food manufacturers and grocery store chains abandoned selling sugar free products when they put out too many products that didn't taste good. Diabetes is out of control and diabetics and carb-conscious consumers can't find products that support their desire for sugar free, delicious foods.

Gluten Free Products
Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance awareness among the general public and the medical community is bringing more consumers into your store and you need to stock the best ready-to-eat foods and baking and cooking mixes to serve this growing customer base. People with celiac disease can't digest gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. These are grains commonly used in bread, pasta, cookies and beer.

Less than a decade ago, it was thought celiac disease affected one in every 10,000 Americans but a 2004 report by the National Institutes of Health, based on research by celiac experts across the country, estimates as many as one in every 133 Americans - approximately 2 million people - may have the disease.

Retailer Benefits
Over the last couple of years, it has been difficult to find one supplier to bring you the best tasting sugar free and/or gluten free foods that your customers are demanding and can't find in other stores - until now.

Lifestyle Distribution is a wholesale distributor of sugar free, gluten free and diabetic-friendly products serving retail Natural Products and specialty-need outlets throughout the United States and Canada. We make no sales to individuals or non-health related businesses. Our sister company, CarbSmart, Inc., has been serving the low carb, diabetic, and gluten intolerant community for over 8 years and we know what your customer want and we can help you sell the best selection of products in your store.

Call us today to receive our latest catalog. Your customers will be happy you did.

Lifestyle Distribution
Phone: 775.996.1430 x7009
customerservice [at] lifestyledistribution [dot] com

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